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Options for Small Business Benefits

For the small business, offering health benefits can be a very expensive but necessary undertaking.  Small group rates are climbing and with the advent of ACA (Affordable Care Act), the confusion and panic is only growing.  One solution to this problem, is the Small Business Owner offering a fixed dollar benefit to the employees to help pay for their own individual policies or out of pocket costs.  There are several reasons for this option, the company is offering a benefit that will attract and maintain quality employees, the cost is a fraction of the yearly expense of a true small group health plan, and if the offering is non-discriminatory the company may retain some of the tax benefits.

The benefit to the employee is that they are only paying for the cost and risk associated with themselves or family, and they can tailor a plan to fit their specific needs and budget.

LJM Insurance can help with this process.  We will sit down either on site or off, with each of your employees and find the right plan to fit their needs.  With our vast list of providers we will tailor a plan for your employee that gives the best coverage for them and their family.

Call or Contact Loran Marmes at 920-545-4929 or loran@ljminsuranceagency.com for a personnel consultation on how you can help your employees and lower your employee benefit costs.
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