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Critical Care Insurance

Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke Insurance

Most people end up needing extended hospital care for either an accident, or a critical illness.  A critical illness is usually associated with cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke, has been called cancer or supplemental insurance.  It is much more, it covers heart attack, stroke, bypass, and many other life altering illnesses.   With today's high costs, it is sometimes necessary to carry a higher deductible than we would like to keep our monthly premiums affordable.  This is where Supplemental Critical Illness and Accidental coverage can fit in.  These supplemental policies are added to offset your deductible and coinsurance and limit your out of pocket costs, when the unthinkable happens.  This allows you to worry about healing and recovery, not worrying that you will be walking out of the hospital thousands of dollars in debt.  Contact us for your free quote.
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