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Prescription Assistance Program

Prescription Assistance Programs help those who can’t afford their prescription drugs, obtain them absolutely free!

You are probably not aware that pharmaceutical companies provide free medications to people in Wisconsin who meet their guidelines each year. 

The reason so few people apply is that the process is complicated and has strict documentation requirements. The ever-changing requirements and the application process to qualify for patient assistance programs are tedious, confusing and very time consuming. 

We are a Non-Profit Organization and found that many people have difficulty navigating the application process and need our help.

We offer an unparalleled service to assist individuals in obtaining their medications and cut through the red tape by actually assisting you in applying for enrollment in patient assistance programs.

We function as a Patient Advocate for Watertown, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, Jefferson WI, that provides two services:

1) We work with pharmaceutical companies to establish the eligibility of applicants,

2) We continue an ongoing application process that assures continuing medication to needy applicants.

Prescription Assistance Program

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