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Customer Ratings & Reviews for LJM Insurance

7 Reviews | Leave a Review
Your services where great and timely. I actually had better insurance from you than I had from my place of employment.

The government should have told the people right from the start to find Loran or guys like him who have trained for all this, it would have saved millions of people time and frustration and the program would have gotten off to a great beginning---he was absolutely magnificent in guiding us through the problems, and helping us to achieve what we needed. Thank You Loran!

I have some special needs and they were ALL met. I probably could have shopped more but once I made contact with Loran, there was no reason to. The level of trust is high. Two things that really stand out are his willingness to answer all my questions and his follow up. If anyone is looking for a pro - look no further.

Loran was absolutely amazing. So helpful, knowledgeable and so PATIENT with the many many questions I had. He was of great help and set me off in the right direction and offered options.
In addition, he provided a discount prescription card that will save me $500 per month!!! And showed me how to locate the cheapest pharmacy in my area... saving me even more money.

The level of customer service, follow-up, and assistance with Loran at LJM insurance is top-notch. They get an A++++++ in my book and would definitely recommend their services to everyone. I am so convinced of this I will also be posting this on the BBB and Angies List. Thank you SO much Loran 

Karin Harrison

I would like to thank Loran for the service. He was great. I needed a short term medical insurance and Loran found a brand name at a very competitive cost to me.

Loran spent a lot of time on the phone with me explaining my options for health insurance in detail. He was very patient and kind. He made an effort to steer me in the right direction and explain the details to me. He was very prompt in returning my phone calls and emails. Since I was unfamiliar with this particular insurance, he made it easier for me to understand. Together we decided on a good option that suited my needs and I am very happy with the results. Would recommend him highly.

I do not recall exactly how I found Loran but it was probably been through an Internet search. I spend quite a bit of time on the Internet. Anyway, all of my experiences with Loran have been very positive. I cannot say enough good things about him. He deserves an "A+" for effort. I have some prescription drug problems and Loran has always been there to help me. The above said, I have not paid Loran any money yet. I am now looking for a new doctor to write my prescriptions and am having a hard time doing that. This is my problem to handle, not Loran's.

LJM Insurance received a rating of 5.0 out of 5 based on 7 reviews on IWantInsurance.com.
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